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Up To Rawdon
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Author's & Readers' Updates: Photos (updated January 28, 2019)

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Bagnall McNown, Mary Jane   p 15

Blagrave, Mary Anne   p 20

Blondin, Blessed Marie-Anne   p 1139

Brittain, Edward, military cap badge   p 611

Brown, Jane Ann   p 50

Brown, W.J. Grocery, Montreal   p 53

Brown, William Joseph   p 53

Burbidge, William & Edward c. 1904   p 493

Coleman McCauley, Hannah   p 578

Connelly Ralston, Matilda   p 135

Copping Holtby, Maria   p 377

Copping Parkinson, Frances Elizabeth   p 686

Copping Parkinson, Jane   p 688

Copping, Mary & Wm Holtby Family 1917, 26 individuals   p 383

Daly Roach, Ann   p 1123

Delahunt Findlay, Edith "Mrs. William"   p 479

Eddington, Agnes Evelyn   p 700

Eveleigh, John (tombstone)   p 217

Farrell Chevalier Sims, Sarah   p 890

Farrell Hamilton, Alicia Jane   p 888

Farrell, Benjamin   p 888

Farrell, Emily   p 890

Farrell, James   p 888

Farrell, John   p 888

Farrell, John Enoch & Annie Chrow   p 890

Felker, Euphemia Louise   p 57

Goudie Norris, Ella   p 50

Gray Mason, Elizabeth   p 283

Gray, Elizabeth & Thomas Armstrong Mason   p 283

Gray, James senior   p 295

Gray, Mary & family with John Parkinson   p 687

Hamilton Sheldon, Susan Frances   p 556

Hamilton, Samuel   p 888

Holtby b/d/m record in 'Life of Christ' (3 images)   p 367

Holtby Coulter Family 1901   p 170

Holtby Coulter Family 1912   p 170

Holtby, Alfred & Susaana Norrish   p 678

Holtby, Alfred Sidney "Sid"   p 384

Holtby, Michael & Rawdon Township map   p 372

Holtby, Wm. & Mary Copping Family 1917, 26 individuals   p 383

Irish Jaunting Car   p 960

Irwin Marlin, Rebecca   p 520

Lane, Mary (Sister Mary of the Conception)   p 1139

Law Parker, Mary Ellen   p 530

Law, Matilda "Jennie"   p 530

Lindsay Bert Family 1940   p 57

Lindsay Brown, Susannah death regisraation   p 57

Lindsay, James B.   p 57

Lindsay, Leslie Bertrand "Bert"   p 57

Livingston Family 1939   p 843

Livingston Family at Escanaba c. 1908   p 843

Livingston, Archie 1906   p 843

Livingston, Louis & Jane Emily Smith 1929   p 843

Livingston, Louis , Jane Emily Smith, Arche & Mary Eva   p 843

Livingston, Louis B.   p 843

Marlin Family Ascot, Qc c. 1915   p 520

Marlin McCurdy, Martha "Eliza"   p 520

Marlin, Sarah Jane "Jennie"   p 520

Marlin, William   p 520

Mason, James Henry & Richard Mason jr.   p 541

Mason, Richard sr. & James Henry Mason   p 541

Mason, Thomas Armstrong & Elizabeth Gray   p 283

Mason, William Armstrong & Mary McNichol   p 1028

McCauley, James   p 578

McGowan, Mary Ann Nightingale Latch   p 610

McNown, John   p 16

Nightingale Rourke, Catherine   p 664

Nightingale Rourke, Ellen   p 666

Nightingale, second travel trunk   p 659

Odlum, Rebecca   p 750

Parkinson Bannerman, Susanna “Melvine”   p 691

Parkinson Burns, Gertrude   p 691

Parkinson Kirkwood, Hattie Maud   p 694

Parkinson Routenberg, Bertha   p 686

Parkinson Sharpe, Mary Jane & Esther Sharpe   p 686

Parkinson Tate, Mary with Jane Tate Sadler   p 689

Parkinson Wilcox, Mary Elizabeth   p 687

Parkinson, George Boyce   p 690

Parkinson, James "Big Jim"   p 686

Parkinson, James & F. Elizabeth Copping   p 686

Parkinson, John   p 690

Parkinson, John & Mary Gray family   p 687

Parkinson, Mary “Birdie” & W. F. (Fred) Wilcox   p 687

Parkinson, Ralph   p 685

Parkinson, Thomas W., U.S. citizen & marriage   p 686

Parknson, Prudence   p 688

Pigott Swift, Eliza with Robert Swift & 9 children   p 863

Ralston, William   p 135

Roach Family, Ste-Julienne c. 1904   p 1123

Roach, Christy   p 1123

Roach, James Cornelius & Cecilia Roach   p 1123

Roach, John   p 1123

Roach, Julia   p 1123

Roach, Michael   p 1123

Roarke Robert Family 1897, Rawdon   p 20

Roarke, Robert   p 20

Rockville , Smith Homestead c. 1920   p 845

Rourke, Henry Warren   p 664

Rourke, Henry Warren & Catherine Nightingale   p 664

Rourke, James   p 750

Rourke, John   p 747

Rourke, John Henry (Jack)   p 664

Rourke, Thomas Odlum   p 700

Rourke, William Edwin OR James Delbert Rourke   p 664

Rowan, Mary Elizabeth (Sister Mary Anne of Jesus)   p 1139

Scroggie Parkinson, Esther   p 685

Sisters of St. Anne, Rawdon Convent, 1928   p 1139

Smiley, George Samuel, V.S.   p 824

Smith Homestead c. 1896   p 845

Smith Livingston, Jane Emily   p 843

Smith Marlin, Charlotte Mary Ann   p 520

Smith Parkinson, Jane Ellen   p 841

Smith, Jane Emily & Louis Livingston 1929   p 843

Swift Robert Family   p 863

Swift, James & Rachel Veal   p 861

Swift, Robert (inset) with Eliza Pigott & 9 children   p 863

Tansey Farrell, Catherine   p 888

Tate Sadler, Jane with Mary Parkinson Tate   p 689

Tighe, Thomas   p 913

Touet, Brenda with Holtby book   p 367

Veal, Rachel & James Swift   p 861

Wilcox,W. F. (Fred) & Mary “Birdie” Parkinson   p 687


page 15

Mary Jane Bagnall

page 16

John McNown

page 20

Mary Ann Blagrave
Family Photo on the farm, circa 1897
Frederick, Maud, Annie (standing), Emily, Robert Roarke, father (standing), Mary Ann Blagrave, mother and Charlie.
Robert Roarke

page 50

Jane Ann Brown
Ella Goudie Norris

page 53

William Joseph Brown
W. J. Brown Grocery
888 St. Catherine Street West, Montreal

page 57

registration of death for Suzanne [sic] Lindsay Brown
James B. Lindsay
Euphemia Louisa Felker
Bert Lindsay in goalie uniform of Victoria Aristocrats 1911-1915
Bert Lindsay family c. 1940
Back Row (L-R) June Victoria, Frances Nelson “Jerome”, William Bertrand (Bill), James Connaught (Jim), Otto Alexander, Mae Bernadette

Front Row (L-R) Mary Euphemia, Louise “Maud”, Robert Blake Theodore (Ted), Leslie Bertrand (Bert), Orland Leslie (Buster)

page 135

Matilda Connelly
William Ralston

page 170

Edmund Holtby and Sarah Coulter family, at studio of S. J. Jarvis, Ottawa, shortly before the death of Ed in September 1901

from left - Cecil Holtby, Edgar Holtby, Edmund Holtby with Hazel on his knee, Hilton Holtby and Sarah Coulter (Cultra) Norman is pictured with his father on page 377 of Up To Rawdon
Sarah Coulter Holtby family, c. 1912, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

standing - Norman Holtby, Edgar Holtby, Hilton Holtby. Seated - Cecil Holtby, Sarah Coulter Holtby and Hazel Holtby.
The photos are shared by Earl G. Turner of Saskatoon, grandson of Hazel Holtby Turner.

page 217

Tombstone of John Eveleigh
Woodlawn Cemetry, Listowel, Ontario

page 283

Elizabeth Gray and Thomas Armstrong Mason

page 295

James Gray Senior at Sauk Center

page 367

Signature of William Holtby
family data for William and Ann Holtby
frontispiece from The Life of Christ
Brenda Touet, Keeper of the Book
3X great granddaughter of William Holtby

page 372

Michael E. Holtby, Denver, Colorado holds the Rawdon Township Map used by 3X great grandfather William Holtby

page 377

Maria Copping Holtby

page 383

William Holtby and Mary Copping, Armstrong, BC
50th Anniversary July 1917
Standing: William Sawyer, William Holtby, George Holtby, Sid Holtby, Arthur and Leonard Farr

Centre: Lottie Holtby Sawyer & Eileen Sawyer (Greaves), Ethel Daykin Holtby & Gordon Holtby, Hannah Holtby Wyatt & Cora Wyatt (Lancaster), William & Mary Copping Holtby, Edith Holtby Farr & Margaret Farr Murray, Elizabeth Holtby Lowes & Eileen Lowes, Margaret Holtby (later Smythe)

Front: Roy Sawyer, Calvert Holtby, Marjorie Holtby (Greenwell), Edwin Wyatt, Cliff & Lambert Farr, William Lowes Missing George Wyatt (was overseas with C.E.F.), Clara Holtby Touet and Frank Touet and 5 children

page 384

Alfred “Sidney” Holtby

page 479

Edith Delahunt, Mrs William Findlay

page 493

William and Edward Burbidge
probably in Minneapolis, c. 1904

page 520

Rebecca Irwin Marlin and Family
Row 1: Mary Ann Charlotte Smith, wife of Willie Marlin; Sarah Jane (Jennie) Marlin, the 7th and youngest child who was single in 1911 (Ascot Census); grandson Marlin Connolly; Rebecca Irwin Marlin, 1832-1917, wife of James Marlin senior who died 11 Aug 1906 (source: Malvern Cemetery)
Row 2: eldest son William John Irwin Marlin, 1863; grandson Mac McCurdy; Martha Elizabeth (Eliza) Marlin who was 6th Marlin child and her husband, George McCurdy.

page 530

Matilda Jennie Law
Mary Ellen Law Parker
Matilda Jennie Law and Mary Ellen Law Parker were the fifth and seventh children of William and Mathilda Law of Rawdon and Randboro, Quebec

page 541

Richard Mason senior and eldest son James Henry Mason
James Henry Mason and Richard Mason junior at Portage la Prairie

page 556

Susan Frances Hamilton (Mrs. Uriah Sheldon) of Fitch Bay, QC

page 578

James McCauley born at Rawdon in 1841
Isabelle Hannah Coleman. They married in 1868.

page 610

Mary Ann McGowan (1838-1912)
a.k.a. Mrs Richard Nightingale
a.k.a. Mrs. Theodore Latch

page 611

Cap badge of Edward Brittain's regiment, 16th Queen's Lancers

page 659

2nd Nightingale trunk, from King's County

page 664

Believed to be Henry Warren Rourke
Believed to be Henry Warren Rourke with Catherine Nightingale Rourke
possibly, Catherine Nightingale Rourke
sent to her daughter Mrs. J. Hindle of Springmount, Ontario who is named on the back of the photo
Believed to be John Henry Rourke (Jack)
Believed to be William Edwin Rourke (or James Delbert Rourke)

page 666

Believed to be Ellen Nightingale Rourke

page 678

Alfred Holtby and Susanna Norrish

page 685

Ralph Parkinson
1798 - 1866
Esther Scroggie
1816 - 1889

page 686

Mary Jane Parkinson Sharp c. 1869 with daughter Esther
Thomas William Parkinson: 1876 US citizenship
1873 marriage certificate: Thomas W. Parkinson and Abbie S. Knight
Bertha Parkinson Routenberg, daughter of Thomas & Abbie
James “Big Jim” Parkinson
James Parkinson & Frances “Elizabeth” Copping
F. Elizabeth Copping Parkinson

page 687

Mary “Birdie” Parkinson, William Frederick (Fred) Wilcox, 1897
Mary Elizabeth Parkinson Wilcox
John Parkinson & Mary Gray, Esther (d. 1898), Ralph, Carrie & Jim

page 688

Prudence Parkinson, daughter of Ralph Parkinson
Jane Copping, wife of George Parkinson

page 689

Jane Tate Sadler with Mary Parkinson Tate

page 690

John Parkinson, father
George Boyce Parkinson, son

page 691

Susanna “Melvine” Parkinson Bannerman
Gertrude Parkinson Burns

daughters of John Parkinson & Sarah Boyce

page 694

Hattie Maud Parkinson Kirkwood

page 700

Thomas Odlum Rourke
(1843 - 1922)
Informally dressed possibly for the Rawdon Volunteer Infantry in which, as a community member, he served.
His granddaughter Agnes Evelyn Eddington (1908 - 1998)

page 747

John Rourke

page 750

James Rourke
Rebecca Odlum

page 824

George Samuel Smiley, V.S.

page 841

Jane Ellen Smith Parkinson c. 1930

page 843

Livingston - Louis and Jane with Archie and Mary Eva c. 1893
Louis B. Livingston
Louis B. Livingston and Jane Emily Smith, 1929
Archie Livingston in his Aberdeen, WA Photo Studio c. 1906
Livingston Family, at Escanaba Michigan
seated in or beside large chair: Helen, Jenny, Archie, Edward James, Ruth
standing behind: Mary, Louis, George
Jane Emily Smith Livingston
Livingston Family - 1939
Back: Louis, Helen, Archie, Ruth, George, Mary
front: Edward James, Jane Emily, Louis B., Jennie
The photos are shared by Pat Widdifield of Comox, BC whose father was Archie Curtis Livingston.

page 845

Smith Homestead
Jane Watters Smith, (page 958, 964) is seated at the centre. To the right are her daughter-in-law Susanna Boyce Smith and her son Robert; (page 845). Jane gifted him the property in 1877. To the left is Roberts adopted son, George Kinsey Smith (page 468). The photo was after 1896 and perhaps celebrates his joining the family. The man holding reins to the horse and buggy is not identified. The photograph is from the collection of the late Doris Banfill with thanks to Sue Sarrasin of Waterville, Quebec.
Rockville Farm
Robert Smith named the farm Rockville; which is appropriate. This was taken around 1920, when George Kinsey Smith lived there with his mother and is from my own collection. The address is now Scenic Drive; the house, although standing, is no longer recognizable. The author and his brother visited the site in October 2013.

page 861

James Swift 1819 -1899&
Rachel Veal 1816 - 1893
in Montreal before 1888 immigration to Sauk Center, Minnesota

page 863

Robert Swift family of Blackburn, Missouri
Inset: Robert Swift (father)
First row: James Henry, Dean Edwin, Eliza Florence, Albert Aaron, Samuel Ephraim
Top row: Charlotte Rachel, Mary Caroline, Eliza Pigott Swift (mother), Harriet Matilda, Lillian

page 888

James Farrell
Catherine Tansey
John Farrell
Benjamin Farrell
Alicia Jane Farrell
Samuel Hamilton

page 890

Sarah Farrell Chevalier Sims
Emily Farrell
John Enoch Farrell & Annie Chrow

page 913

Thomas Tighe

page 960

Typical 19th Century Irish Jaunting Car

page 1028

Mary McNichol and William Armstrong Mason
son of James Mason and Mary Armstrong

page 1123

Roach Farm, Ste-Julienne c. 1904, photo printed and mounted in Montreal (St-Henri).
See updates page 1123 for detailed identifications
Left to right:
1. Lily Roach 1875-1900, daughter of John Roach and Ann Daly
2. Rose Miller Quinn, the adopted daughter of Margaret Roach Reid (see 7)
3. Mary Daly Doherty, sister of Ann Daly Roach, born 1 June 1839; wife of Maurice Doherty (UP TO RAWDON page 887)
4. Mary Margaret (Maggie) Roach. born 21 May 1865, daughter of John Roach and Ann Daly
5. Ann Daly (Mrs. John) Roach, born 19 November 1834
6. Julienne (Julia Ann) Roach was born 1 January 1871, daughter of John Roach and Ann Daly
7. Margaret Roach Reid, first cousin of James C. Roach, born c. 1849
8. Christopher (Christy) Roach was born 1 February 1863, son of John Roach and Ann Daly
9. Willie Roach was born July 12, 1901, grand nephew of Ann Daly Roach.
John Roach, c. 1828-1890,
son of Christopher Roach and Margaret Carney
Ann Daly, 1834-1925,
daughter of Hugh Daly and Mary Catherine Guinan
James Cornelius Roach (1873-1946), son of John Roach and Ann Daly, and his eldest daughter Cecilia (born 1920).
Julia and Michael Roach (born 26 October 1878); he also settled in Springfield, MA
Christy Roach was a tanner.

Michael and Christy were children of John Roach and Ann Daly.

page 1139

Blessed Mother Marie-Annefounded the Sisters of St. Anne
Sister Mary of the Conception née Mary Lane
Sister Mary Anne of Jesus, née Mary Elizabeth Rowan
Unidentified Sisters in 1928 at the Convent of St. Anne, Rawdon