Diocesan Archives, Bishop’s University, Volume B 19

In June 2006, I spent a few days in the Diocesan Archives at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville (Sherbrooke), Quebec. I was able to review all the documents there with references to Rawdon, Quebec; they are in Volume B 19. Many files were of great interest and provided insight into early life in the township as well as the religious life of the community. I have completely transcribed the ones of particular interest. Some have only been excerpted and a few which duplicated material are merely referred to by number.

The files are presented here in Chronological order. The file numbers are of little help in determining either date or content.

They have been transcribed as exactly as possible with original spelling and line breaks some were marked with = instead of a dash or hyphen.

Explanatory notes are in either endnote or footnote style as appropriate to the layout of the document.

Each file is in PDF format; use brower’s “back” button to return to this page.

1828 est File 60B: Burton’s copy of the 1828 petition which was circulated against him and from which settlers withdrew their signatures..
1828 est
File 65: c. 1828 Survey addressed to and completed by Burton
1828-04-19 File 59: Deposition of Arthur Hamilton concerning an event on Oct 8, 1827
1828-04-19 File 60 A: Deposition of James Mason
1828-04-19 File 97: Depositions of James Herbert and John Byrn
1829-04-11 File 111: Burton’s letter to the Archdeacon of Montreal
1829-07-16 File 112: Deposition of Samuel Knowlton
1829-10 est. File 61: Deposition of John Brennan
1829-10-30 Files 63 and 64: Deposition of James Herbert
1829-10 est. Files 113 and 114: Deposition of James Mason
1829-12-20 File 62: Support for the Reverend Burton
1830-03-13 Files 95 and 96: Burton’s response
1836-10 File 72: Some excerpts from references for Mr. Bourne
1837-04-22 File 71: Another reference for Mr. Bourne. Files 68, 69, 70, 74 are also references for Bourne including from New York.
1837-05-20 File 67: Certificate of Birth for R. H. Bourne
1838-05-13 Files 75 and 76: Mr. Bourne’s Ordination
1838-08-01 Files 77 and 78: Survey of the Mission, R. H. Bourne’s responses to the printed questionnaire
1839-02-13 File 108: Petition for the removal of Mr. Bourne, based on misinformation, which was circulated by Griffith and signed by the militia hence the subsequent removal of names.
1839-02-15 File 107: Letter of the Church Wardens which accompanied the petition.
1839-03 File 109: Reaction to the Petition and support for Mr. Bourne
1839-03-05 File 110: Mr. Bourne’s letter to the Bishop in his own defence
1840-12-11 File 116: 11 Dec. 1840 Excerpts from letters of R. H. Bourne to Bishop Bethune
1842-01-10 File 119: Regarding purchase of additional church land
1842-01-13 File 121: Bourne on purchasing glebe land
1842-01-28 File 123: from Bishop Bethune regarding Glebe land
1842-03-13 File 122: Summary of negotiations by Mr. Bourne concerning adding to church property
1843 – 1851 Files 80-83, 86, 127: relating background of Charles Rollit and miscellaneous letters to him
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