Rawdon and Kildare Research

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Rawdon Families

1821 copy of an 1821 Map of the original Rawdon Township, drawn by Surveyor Joseph Bouchette (revised June 27, 2013)
1822 – 1829 Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning – transcription of correspondence concerning the first Rawdon school with editorial comment by Daniel B. Parkinson
1825 Rawdon Township, Leinster County Census (revised May 28, 2018)

1828 – 1851

Diocesan Archives, Bishop’s University, Volume B 19 files concerning Rawdon that provide insight into early religious and community life, transcribed as exactly as possible with original spelling and line breaks and explanatory notes added as needed. The file numbers are of no significance in determining either date or content.

1831 Rawdon Township, L’Assomption County Census (revised March 4, 2016)
1832 – 1892
partial catalogue of Marriages, Baptisms and Burials for Protestant Settlers in the St-Felix area east of Rawdon and Kildare
1837 – 1839
Rawdon Loyal Irish Volunteers(revised April 24, 2014)
1838 – 1839
Kildare Sedentary / Volunteer Infantry(added March 16, 2014)
Rawdon Township Map – was used by William Holtby, when he was Township Secretary-Treasurer. It includes the lower ranges that became parts of Ste-Julienne and St-Liguori. It was taken to Minnesota by his grandson John Thomas Holtby after he emigrated in 1880, perhaps after his father died in 1889. It is available to us through the kindness of John’s great grandson Michael Holtby of Denver, Colorado. Click to enlarge so that you may read the names on each lot. (revised March 22, 2017)
1842 – 1909
transcription from Drouin Index of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of St. John’s Anglican Church, Kildare (revised April 2, 2013)
Rawdon Township, Leinster County corrected names from Census (February 1852) (revised April 9, 2013)
Rawdon Volunteer Infantry (revised May 28, 2018)
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