Supplementary information about families

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Ash, Bagnall, Craine, Brown, Drought, Edghill, Gibbs, Lewis, McEvoy, McNown, Rogers, Rourke, Smiley: From Union Jack to Union Blue: Rawdon families with members who served the Union in the U.S. Civil War − 1861-1864 (added January 23, 2020)

Brown Family Appendix – Kissing Cousins

Irish Naming Pattern in the Families of the sons of Hannah Pierce Burns

Burton of Burtonville: Bibliography & Sources (revised Dec 5, 2016)

Burton and Meredith Grandchildren

Rawdon Crown Agent Captain Guy Carleton Colclough and his father Major Beauchamp Colclough, agent at Kildare (revised March 8, 2015)

Canfield Dorwin family events

Baptisms for Daniel Truesdell and Philomen Dugas

Eveleigh family additional census data

John Eveleigh, junior and Mary McGie: Appendix & Summary (revised March 4, 2016)

Fulsher family at Rawdon – additional Census data

Joshua Gibbs Family, Immigrant Years in Lower Canada (revised January 2021)

Greenan and Green in Rawdon and Area (added March 2021)

Greenan – Some Census Records

Hamilton Appendix of births, deaths, marriages and census material (revised Jan 28, 2019)

Holtby – Letter from Minnesota to a Dying Brother in Ottawa (revised March 21, 2017)

Mary Kinsey Hamilton Parkinson – her Scottish Cousland family

William Kirkwood Family from the Vermont Census

Ellen Armstrong Lewis and Joseph W. Britton Family

Addendum Concerning Dr. George Herbert Manchester

Nightingale – 1852 & 1861 Census & Descendants of Richard Nightingale and Mary Ann Magowan (revised May 14, 2013)

Drop me a Card gives insight into the family of my maternal great grandfather, James Parkinson using circa 1910 postcards; it is dedicated to my Aunt Aggie, who was his eldest daughter.

Some Background on the Name Pigott

Pollock: Some Census Sources

Christopher Roach of Rawdon / Ste-Julienne (new Oct. 25, 2021)

Rourkes of Annagharvy: Appendix of census and other data, includes Neville (revised April 23, 2018)

Samuel O’Rourke – A Boxing Champion (new Dec 5, 2016)

the Reverend Mitchell Sadler: “Endeared to All” (new June 2021, revised Oct. 25, 2021)

Sinclair Anecdote

Smiley – background photo of Parish of Currin church, Rawdon Census documentation and John Smiley / Caroline Dixon grandchildren photo

An Irony of Rawdon History: Did Burton’s Church become Presbyterian? is a supplement to the ‘The First Rawdon Church’ (page 1065) of the chapter Christ Church Rawdon: Early Days, in Part Two of Up To Rawdon. (added July 21, 2018)

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